Essay on how can we save our earth

Essay on how can we save our planet earth

On the other hand, most that growth will be taken in less developed regions that least able to sustain it, which they could be easily attracted to violence, extremism, and other social and environmental problems. The earth is facing a huge invisible problem that lying in the global warming.

Essay on how can we save our earth

As the world becomes crowded, the human activities increases, which exhausts the environment, particularly the atmosphere.

In fact, lots of emissions and toxic gases are emitted by human industrial, growth of population, and transportation sources. For instance, the emission of carbon dioxide gases, which are produced by burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, float up and stay in the atmosphere and make the global short essay on how can we protect our environment.

Likewise, the greenhouse gases such as methane gas that is produced by rice farming, petroleum drilling, coal mining, and cattle belching, are more dangerous and the worst from dioxide gases. According to reported science worldmethane's heat-trapping power in the atmosphere is twenty-one times stronger than carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the methane gas is the most abundant greenhouse gas and it is colorless and odorless.

Indeed, greenhouse gases trap the sun's heat near the earth surface, which permanently increase the earth temperature. The effects of flattening the world can be staggering. At first, flattening of the world means that millions of new people were able to buy or sell things. Meanwhile, they were. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay Environmental Issues Of Environmental Activism In our current time, our planet is facing severe environmental crisis.

Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: 8. Comparing And Contracting Green Peace Verses Population Connection peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. E beneficiamento que buscam reproduzir a senior at mother earth, 6, water save planet earth our planet earth. Questions answers essay save earth.

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Conservation, thinking about how do to write an essay on the earth's atmosphere. Essay on how can we save our planet earth are you can save earth is bettered by filtering a mystery about what you can enjoy nearpod from anti essays available? Do to save forest to save mother earth! When we see fit. According to ensure that a simple terms, india mother earth.Former England cricketer Phil Tufnell reports from Assam in India, one of the last remaining homes of the Indian rhinoceros.

Fewer than 2, are left in the wild due to poaching for their horns. In the southern part of the Ethiopian Highlands, a remote mountain region and the last home of the Ethiopian wolfGraham Norton discovers that encroachments by the ever-expanding human population is threatening the wolf's survival.

Adrenaline junkie Jack Osbourne journeys to northern Namibia to investigate the plight of the desert elephant. Although saved from extinction by the banning of the ivory tradethe desert elephants now face a new threat. Local people once roamed the land as migrants, but their recent conversion to farming has brought them into conflict with elephants over precious resources.

Of the seven remaining species of sea turtlesix are seriously threatened with extinction. Saira Khan travels to Sri Lankaone of the best places in the world to see turtles, but even here commercial fishing practices and pressure on the turtles' nesting beaches are driving numbers down.

The academic writing presenter Nick Knowles reports from Borneowhere orangutan numbers are being decimated due to the deforestation of the island and the growth of palm plantations. He visits a sanctuary where more than orphaned young apes are cared for. Recycle your Old cell phones Hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic are some of the unwanted gifts of mobile phones that are now-a-days one of the main source of garbage.

Conserve energy, maintain your vehicle Properly maintained vehicle can play an important role in conservation of energy sources and imparting less harm to the atmosphere by lowering the emission of poisonous gases.

Short essay on how can we protect our environment

Ban the use of plastic bags Using reusable bags instead of plastic bags will set less harm to our environment. Recycling of Glass Glass should be recycled because not only it takes a lifetime to decompose but also it makes up a large component of industrial waste. Hang Clothes Yes I know in this modern era where most of the things are just a click awaydrying your clothes in the open air sounds a bit absurd but wellby taking a look at the current situation of power-cuts in our country it just sounds like a perfect escape,because by hanging your clothes in the open air you can have a nice and clean wardrobe and with that you would also be helping the planet by saving electricity.

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Protecting Our Earth Essay

Anujit Lal Srivastava February 19, Reply. Gaurika June 2, Reply. These traits help them succeed in their respective missions. This program is voluntary and started in order to save businesses and families save money. This program has many companies investing in energy efficient projects to help boost the market. While promoting these products, the energy star program also helps to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

Along with saving energy, it helps to reduce. We as consumers want to be sustainable and take care of the Earth we live on while ironically expanding our collection of trinkets. Everything we believe in being efficient and green is misrepresented and to save the Earth the truth needs to be heard. The Conundrum describes how in modern times we have come a long way.

Protecting the environment alongside economic and social development is critical for our well-being and it also makes business sense. Increasingly companies are expected to address, not to worsen, environmental degradation - it is becoming part of their social licence to operate.

For companies the risks and the opportunities are significant. Businesses can lead the way with a long-term responsible approach that values natural capital and helps avoid the cost implications of resource scarcity and environmental damage.

Essay on how can we save our planet earth

A good example would be the palm oil industry. Every year, illegal forest clearing practices cause devastating fires and haze that make headlines around the world and have an impact on forest ecosystems, as well as the lives and welfare of millions across South-East Asia. Right now the state of the planet is getting worse and the pressures on natural systems are deepening but, for the first time perhaps, we are also seeing an increase in response.

We have undoubtedly begun a great transition towards sustainable living. Now, we need to focus on the scale and speed of this transition if we short essay on how can we protect our environment going to decouple economic development from environmental degradation. I think this is a wake up call!! The global warming and subsequent cooling were even predictable due to hundreds of years of historical trends and observation of the impact of variations in solar activity on global temperature.

Europe, North America and many other area of the Earth have recently experienced a score of unusually low emperatures. If the past is a predictor of the future the earth is headed into a 30 year period of global cooling. Can We Save Planet Earth? Can We Save Planet Earth?. Related Essays. A limited time offer!