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Such triumph, in a tragedy, cannot last. Othello is aware of the precarious nature of success and happiness. These are the words of a man who knows chaos and believes himself to have been rescued from it othello manipulation essay love.

Love for Othello puts order, peace, and happiness into his mental world, which would otherwise lapse back into chaos. He has grown up in exile, slavery, danger, and despair, now, as a professional soldier, he lives amongst chaos on the battlefield, but he need no longer have it in his inner being, because he has love. Chaos is the old concept of Hell, where everything is dreadful anguish, and Desdemona is the angel who has rescued Othello with her love.

When faced with the prospect of managing love and marriage, Othello's inexperience undermines his confidence. Iago finds it easy to drive Othello to jealousy and think that Desdemona loves another man because he already feels that her love for him is too good to be true. Othello sees Cassio as the man most Venetian women in Desdemona's position would like to marry and, therefore, as the man she would turn to if she ceased to love her husband.

In a way, he is waiting for the dream to come to an end, for Desdemona to decide that she has made a mistake in marrying him. Othello's insecurities are so close to the surface that a few words of hint and innuendo from Iago can tear the confident exterior and expose his fears, desires, and tendency to violence.

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Othello manipulation essay

Davis Lucille Ford Susan F. Gail Collins Pamela B. Davis Kim de Groh Beverly J. Cheryl A. Boyce Elizabeth H. Flick Frances Harper Brenda J. Hollis Mary C. Juhas Kleia R. Luckner Valerie J. Lyons Linda S. Noelker Carrie Vonderhaar. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Guthrie Jr. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Othello act 5 scene 2 essay got Cassio so drunk that he got into a fight with another officer, and when Othello found out about this, he quickly fired him.

Iago, befriending Cassio, told him to speak to Desdemona about getting his job back and this was done for a reason. Iago states his motives clearly. He intended to use Desdemona's righteousness against her. So will I turn her virtue did othello truly love desdemona essay pitch, And out of her own goodness make the net That shall enmesh them all. Desdemona's handkerchief plays a large role in Iago's web of destruction.

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Upon losing the handkerchief which Othello has given her, Emilia finds it and gives othello literary essay to Iago who then places it in Cassio's room, and then tells the Moor that Desdemona had given it to him. This was one of the many so-called proofs to come of how Desdemona was sleeping with Cassio. Iago outright continuously lies to Othello, and Othello like a fool, believes every word he says to him.

And then, sir, would he an argument othello weaknesses essay wring my hand, Cry "O sweet creature! Act III. Iago continued to torment Othello with vivid descriptions of Desdemona's alleged sexual affair with Cassio until Othello blacks out. Iago then placed Othello where he could see but not hear a conversation with Cassio about Bianca, telling Othello that homework help k 12 conversation was about Desdemona.

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Does othello truly love desdemona essay 4 stars based on 46 reviews.What makes her role so unique is that she is the only character who is aware of Iago's manipulation. Having a strong relationship with Desdemona and being married to the evil Iago who is out to harm her and Othello, presses her the difficult inquiry of where her loyalty dwells By the end of the play, Iago has been directly responsible for the deaths of Roderigo, Emilia and the protagonist and his love.

Othello weaknesses essay importance to the play is revealed by his contribution to the plot and his significance relative to other characters. Iago's function, which invariably adds to the importance he has on the play, is to lead to the downfall of Othello therefore revealing the themes of hate, jealousy and revenge Better Essays words 7. Wright and Virginia A.

Critics of dramatic structure have praised it for its attention to the main theme without irrelevant distractions Better Essays othello manipulation essay 8. One of the things that the handkerchief symbolizes is the control that Iago has over those who possess the handkerchief.

The handkerchief is passed around between Othello, Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio, and Bianca, all of whom Iago has had some type of communication with. Come, I'll go in with you. The handkerchief dropping symbolizes the climax of Iago's plot to seek revenge on Othello.

The handkerchief was something special to Othello. As it drops, the once clean handkerchief becomes a little tarnished after hitting the floor, just as Othello and Desdemona's relationship was clean and happy before being ruined by Iago having possession of the handkerchief.

The handkerchief in 'Othello' is one with an embroidery of strawberries on it. The handkerchief symbolizes different things to the different characters and plays an important role in the play.

View a FREE sample. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Othello. Othello is blinded by his lack of judgment which causes him to trust what Iago says and no one else.

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He accomplishes this by altering and adopting situations to fit his purposes in deceiving Othello. Iago has a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness that is acknowledged by everyone he othello literary essay. This acknowledgment is not limited to people that know him socially, but is accepted among his personal relationships also.

Iago is able to make the most of his pre-built reputation by telling just enough of the truth to make his false, inaccurate stories believable.

Focusing on the character, Iago, and his plan to destroy the main character, Othello, the play and the film use similarities and differences to help show the progression…. Othello is a tragic play othello essays pdf by playwright William Shakespeare in the year during the Elizabethan Era of British Literature. During the Elizabethan period, there was a strong emphasis on the arts, exploration, and religion. Othello is no exception.

The story, consisting of the theoretical frameworks of passion, love, and betrayal, takes place during the sixteenth-century in Venice, Italy and the island of Cyprus.

Othello, a Moor and black…. Othello racism essay Talent of Iago in Othello William Shakespeare's Othello is a tragic drama that shows the academic honesty essay power of deception and the damage it can lead to. Othello's right-hand man is Iago; on the surface a die-hard friend and confidant, in reality comparable to the devil himself.

Iago uses other characters as though they were his puppets, planting lies and watching the sorrowful fruit born. Iago deceives virtuous, yet weaker men such as Cassio and Roderigo with ease, but feels….